Why Every Mom Needs A Stream of Passive Income

Why Every Mom Needs A Stream of Passive Income

I like the idea of being a stay at home mother.

In fact I consider myself a stay at home mother –  well, most of the time. (I still do have my active stream of income from my beauty business)

I believe many mothers think like me. We want to be there with our children, we want to grow with them, watch them learn, watch them fail, watch them bloom.


I also believe many mothers are like me – We want to be there with our children BUT we need to be somewhere else to earn the income to contribute to our household, to our children future and maybe, just to survive.

Hey, you’re not alone. 

Modern age moms requires everything from us! We are usually the active parent, we are also one of the active contributor to the household income.

And that is why ALL mothers NEED to figure out a passive income to work for us!

How does a passive income work?

Simple, we set up a system for a business to work for us. Instead of us working for the business.

That being said, it is not really THAT simple.

Most of the time, ladies just don’t believe. That we are worth that much, that we can build an empire for not just ourselves, but our family too! And most of the time, that is what makes it difficult!

But that’s a post for another time. Today, lets talk about WHY WE SHOULD ALL HAVE A PASSIVE INCOME.




When you get a system for the business you’re in to work for you, it clears up plenty of stress and money issues that you will need to cope and worry about in the past. I’m not saying that life would be all sugary and dreamy then, but to be able to have a steady passive income streaming in every month is a good cushion to fall back to when things don’t work out in life.


This is something I never thought I would say in the past –  but people DO grow old. I know for myself my fingers hurts when I do too much facials continuously, and I prefer a silent day every now and then more than I do in the past. Things will change, preferences will change, our body will change. But if all those changes are going to do damage to our income? We force ourselves not to change, even when we REALLY need to. Don’t let that happen to you, build the passive income when we are still capable of.


I’m a simple person – I like to live a simple life, have just enough to eat for my family everyday. I want to live in a cosy home not too big and not too small, just nice for my small family. I don’t have to have a crazy expensive car, just one that is functioning well and enough petrol to move it. I don’t need to buy branded bags or shoes because I know my worth doesn’t comes from that.

But to fully enjoy my type of simple life? It requires enough money and time to cover for the not so simple challenges in life. Like how sudden we might need to cover for the hospital fees that we did not expect to happen. Or how we didn’t expect that car accident to happen?  Or how maybe our close family might need our aid when they face with challenges?

Not so simple then. I like my life simple, in order to do so, I’d like to be able to have a passive stream of income to cover me when things get tough.


I know that, I believe in that, I love that. Life shouldn’t be just about the money. That is why we shouldn’t be working for the money. 


Have you heard a story that goes like this :

The bedridden mother have been all alone in the old folks home for the longest time. Everyday, she looks out of the window, her eyes glimmer with the hope that her son would turn up to visit her. Everyday, she is disappointed. The son would never come. Everyone in the home knows – the kids are almost invisible around here. 

Why? Because they are too busy, too stress out trying to pay bills and make a living to be able to take care of what really matters.

Everyone knows someone like that. They don’t ignore on purpose, they have no choice themselves.

Things will get rough as long as we are breathing , just like they will get better every single time. But what are we DOING when things are rough – I think that is what matter the most.


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