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Hi, I’m Beii!

I assist mommies to look good & feel good while earning our own income from building a business empire from our own homes!

As a modern mom, more often than not we are exhausted trying to care for our kids, our husband, the house and yet! We really wish we could build a business while doing all the above. The results? We often feel tired, look tired and is always frustrated trying to make all ends happen.

Sounds like you? You’re not alone. 

Being a mother have taught me plenty of things. Most of all, I came to understand how as mothers we want the best for our children, and we want to be there with our children as they grow. 

I wanted the same for myself and my children.

I have a dream. My boys have a dream. In fact, we have the same dream. That mommy won’t have to go to work, stay home and grow with them all day long! 

This dream cost plenty. Because we are challenged physically and mentally to make this work for us! But as I start to learn and explore the possibility of this happening, I realized that it is in fact workable – with the right source, reputable & responsible business partners we can in fact now work from home and build a passive income using network marketing!  I’m now mostly working whilst being with my children, with paychecks coming in on time monthly. 

Then there’s another thing I cared for – that I ALWAYS struggle to look my best and be my best with two active boys at a different age group constantly asking for my attention. And I know how this is a REAL struggle for all mommies too!

Therefore in this blog, I put my experience of building my business from network marketing by working from home AND my 8 years and counting of being a professional make-up & hairstylist, skincare & healthy eating advisor into words and videos – creating a platform for all mommies to strive for the best in our daily life and hectic schedule.

Now mommies can look good, feel good and earn good as we come together to build our business from our homes!

If you are feeling frustrated and want a business that works for you, or if you are looking to start a business where you can work from home. OR if you simply want to learn beauty hacks & tips to look your best with only 5 – 10 minutes available. You are at the right place!

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