5 Ways to Improve Your Network Marketing Business While Working From Home.

5 Ways to Improve Your Network Marketing Business While Working From Home.

With the internet running so fast and free in the recent years, it is no longer a dream to be able to work from home. This is great news for everyone, but even more so for mothers like myself that are most likely home bounded as we care for our little ones.

It is a total myth to think that working from home and building a network marketing business is easy work. Yes, it does give us the freedom to time management and we can call it a holiday if we want too – but if you are just starting out or still creating a wealth for yourself, we have to face the reality. It requires commitment and consistency. This is especially easy to forego when our kids are constantly asking for attention and if we are in our PJs all day long!

Therefore I’ve put together the 5 best ways that works for me to really get my work done in my own comfort and hopefully for you to keep your mojo up too!


ONE : Refresh yourself!

Yes we are able to work from home now. And most often time, the way we celebrate this is to remain in our sleeping clothes throughout the day with our bare face on.

However, I have come to realize that if I made sure I dress in comfortable but presentable clothes and put on some make-up it made me feels like I am all ready to face the world and get going! I generally get more things done after getting into the habit of doing so. So now I make sure to put on the minimum make-up I need every morning even if I know that it’s a full day at home. Try it and let me know if it works for you too!

P/S :  It also helps that guests sometimes do drop by without prior notification!


TWO : Make a schedule and stick to it!

Of course we can do it after that cup of coffee, or when our children is taking a nap…but without a schedule, we are more likely to forget about what is our priority for the day.

Keep a calendar with you and jot down your important tasks to get it done at a certain period of time. Better still, make it a habit to plan a weekly schedule every start of the week. It makes our lives easier too not needing to constantly remind ourselves at the back of our mind what do we need to do next!


THREE : Realizing that we need to grow, and then grow!

I realize this during a certain point of time of being a mother – it is so easy to forget to grow ourselves when we focus on growing our child!

I believe that all mothers alike, we want the very best for our children. We look up the best education system for them, which books best suits them, what activities can benefit them at their age group and so on so forth.

But we forget that we too need to grow!

How long has it been since you last read a book to grow your mindset? I’m not talking about your children book or a novel, I’m talking about books that gives us knowledge that we haven’t know about, books that inspire us. Remember that just like our child, we need to grow too – and when we grow ourselves , our children will learn from example to grow themselves too!

The same goes for conferences and parties/meetings/appointments , be it online or offline. Give yourself the time to learn and grow, and your business will follow suit too.

TIPS : Implement a quiet time for you and your children to do quiet activities together so you can have a little time reading your book (reading books, drawing, etc) I know it’s a tough one, but soon your children will understand that mommy needs some quiet time to rest, rejuvenate & grow too!


FOUR : Care for your friends, be the active one in the relationship.

Being in a network marketing means that growing your business needs you to be the one sharing the business opportunity and products to your circle of friends.

However, I’m not saying that you should be fake and act nice.

People see through facades – even if it’s through messages and social media! Learn to genuinely care for people, to share with them what matters to you and why you think it might benefit them too. Learn that not everyone will share the same views with you but can still remain friends throughout the journey.

Love & respect to all those that come across our path and forgive those that might have unknowingly hurt us in the journey. I guess what I’m saying is, to be a better person really does help in growing our businesses!


FIVE : Set goals!

Goals are dreams with a deadline.

Setting goals help us to realise that time is ticking every. single. moment.

Don’t we all look at our kids sometimes and wonder to ourselves how did they grow up so big so quickly?

My son have huge dreams – I mean, children in general have HUGE dreams. And as they grow bigger and older each day. It keeps me on my toes as I came to realisation that IF I do not achieve my goals on time, my sons would soon be a grown man and I won’t be able to do all those HUGE dreams we dreamt together anymore.

Do your kids have big and crazy dreams they wish you can do for them? Be it a super fancy play room with ALL their favourite toys or to travel the WHOLE world with you and be the explorer of the world – It would be great if we can make all those dreams come true for them! And that can only start happening once we set a date down for them!

TIPS : Be realistic with your time frame and goals so you don’t get depleted. Set small goals within the big goals and you will feel recharged and great when you achieve them!

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