5 Ways to Better Your Skincare Routine

5 Ways to Better Your Skincare Routine


Dear ladies, don’t we all want to achieve better results if we are already splurging on our skincare products?

If you haven’t already know there are actually ways to better your skincare routine in order to get better results from your skincare products!

Let’s get started!


ONE : Cleanse with your fourth finger ONLY, in the SMALLEST possible circular motion.

This tip is especially great for oily skin & troubled skin. We need to get as much dirt out as we can, and by cleansing with small circular motion, we are using our finger as a beauty gadget to really get to every single part of our skin and cleansing it.

REMINDER : Go upwards and outwards in circular motion as per all skincare routine.


TWO : Add in a face massage to your skincare routine weekly OR bi-weekly.

Yes, you can do your own face massage!

Face massage is great for stimulating your blood flow, which then will work amazing for your skin to absorb all the goodness from the products. I understand that this part would be time consuming, and you will need to find that time to do it. But just mark my words : It will be worth it!

WARNING : Always use a massage cream that is especially made for our face for your massage. NEVER EVER massage without a massage cream/oil.


THREE : Eliminate extraction process. Scrub instead!

As much as we want instant results, there’s one cold harsh truth to blackheads/acne/whiteheads extraction : that it’s causing friction and putting pressure onto our skin to force those ooey gooey mess out.

That is not advisable. Once or twice, maybe? But try to avoid it! Instead ask for a thorough scrub when you’re at your facial session. Or if you are doing it yourself, use the fourth finger cleansing method for your scrub process as well! Just do it once a week and you will see that your skin does not need an extraction to maintain clean.


FOUR : Press & pat when applying serum.

Surprisingly, I have come to realized that many of my customers simply rub on their serum and count that done.  We can improve the absorption of our serum by pressing lightly on our skin pressure points after we apply and then patting our skin lightly. Help our skin out and you will see your skin glowing for you too!

Also check out how to apply your eye cream for the best outcome here!


FIVE : Put on the mask

Mask are a crucial part to better our skin and will help yield a better results for all our other skincare products as well. Depending on your skin needs, a mask can help to unclog your pores, provide deep cleansing for your skin or give us the moisture that we all need amongst many other benefits.

How many times can we put on a mask? A good quality mask can be put on EVERY SINGLE DAY and you will see results quickly. However, being human beings with normal tight schedules and little humans running around asking for our attention, I understand how challenging that can be. Try to apply on a mask 1 – 2 times a week during your Me-Time, and persist to do so consistently. You will see how it works wonders for your skin!


And there we have it!

The next time you wonder why your skin seems to not benefit from that great serum everyone else vouch for – you know what to do!

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