1 Minute Skincare Hack : 5 Fast and Simple Steps To Youthful Eyes.

1 Minute Skincare Hack : 5 Fast and Simple Steps To Youthful Eyes.



Feeling a little tired on your eyes?

Perhaps your eyes are in need of some love and care.

More often than not, ladies tend to skip eye and neck care in our skincare routine. However, do you know that eye and neck are the first to age? Without proper care, our eye would be the first to see the sign of aging (fine lines, droopy eyes, wrinkles… anyone?) and although seemingly unimportant, this make a whole difference on our appearance!

So today, I am sharing with you how to care for your eyes in 5 simple and REALLY fast steps. Complete these five steps in ONE minute! You know your eyes are worth it!

P/S : One should not attempt to do step 2 – step 5 without applying eye cream as it will do more damage to our eye rather than good!

Step ONE : Apply a good eye cream.

The first step, is of course to invest in a good eye cream. Our skin surrounding the eyes is very much thinner than the rest of our face, therefore we have to select a good and specialized product for caring for our eyes.

Examine your eyes condition, is it puffy? Or are they starting to show signs of aging? Do you feel tired or is it seemingly much more droopy than you seems to recall?

Depending on your eyes condition, you will need an eye cream that can cater to your eyes needs. – Anti aging or to reduce dark eye circle and puffiness. Your call!


Step TWO : Dab but only a small amount.  

Less IS more in this case. I’m not kidding when I say you shouldn’t be too generous with your eye cream. Just place a small amount on your fourth finger and rub them against both fingers just to warm them up a little. Then gently glide through the bottom of your eyes and complete a couple or circles around your eyes.


Step THREE : Press those pressure point.

To promote blood circulation around our eyes area (Less puffiness, more energized) , still using our fourth finger, gently press on the surrounding of our eye area. This will help increase the blood circulation and also better absorb all the goodness in our eye cream.


Step FOUR : Lift them up!

Next step, in order to prevent sagging of the skin around our eyes, in this step we let our fourth finger to gently glide through the bottom of our eyes area and use the other fourth finger to lift them as support when it reach to the outer corner of our eyes. Complete these step twice each side and you are actually the fairy godmother that bless your skin with anti gravity magic girl!


Step FIVE : Massage those brow bones.

A big part of our pressure accumulate at our brow area. You already know so when every single time you frown your eyebrow will arch along with that frown, don’t you?

So as the finishing touch to caring for our eyes, throw in a bonus for your eyes when you gently use your thumb to glide through your brow bones from below. You can also use your fourth finger to gently press along those pressure points below your brow bones.


Now that you are done practicing, persist to do so consistently and very soon you won’t even realize you are caring for your eyes as you expertly glide those magic fingers along your eyes!

If done right and with much practice, these simple eye steps will only take you not more than ONE minute to complete! YAY!

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